Denfind Stone has continued the tradition of innovation through investment in a new production facility for walling stone, paving, and finished dimensional sandstone products. 

The long-term future of the supply of Angus sandstone has been secured with the recent approval of a 50-year licence to quarry in an extended area. This means there is more than 500,000 tonnes of natural sandstone to supply the market for future decades. 

Consequently, Angus sandstone in historic and conservation projects can now be replenished from the same source and new projects can begin their own journey of longevity with a recognised quality natural product.  

The team at Denfind Stone works with clients and their architects to provide stone solutions for each individual project.

The product range offers high quality, environmentally friendly, material for both external and internal use and bespoke solutions are also available to ensure all client needs are met. 

Quarried and processed in Angus, the sandstone is naturally flat-bedded and has a density and hardness popular with stonemasons and builders alike and can be utilised in the full range of products.

Denfind Stone also works closely with other Scottish quarries to source an extensive range of natural Scottish stone which can be processed on-site to meet individual requirements.  


Guillotine Stone Cladding

The flat bedded characteristic of Angus sandstone makes it ideal for cladding and is increasingly specified by many architects and clients. It is available in 100mm or 140mm depths and can be used as a traditional mortar build or as a ‘dry effect’ build, (140mm only) where the mortar is back bedded. 

40mm Cladding Slip

These slips are an ideal cost-effective solution whilst using a Scottish product with the everlasting appeal that only natural stone can achieve. 

The 40mm stone slips are natural stone slips that can be fixed onto the façade of a building or a wall. It is cut from Angus sandstone and once applied, gives the same appearance and effect as our 100mm and 140mm stone. It can be applied to either breeze block or a cement board. The 40mm stone is fixed to this using an adhesive and can be finished by pointing with mortar or left leaving a dry build effect. 


Flagstones were produced from Angus quarries and extensively used throughout the UK and worldwide in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Denfind Stone is continuing this legacy into the 21st century. 

Flagstones can be finished with either a sawn (smooth) or a riven (natural) finish and will normally be produced with sawn edges. Bespoke solutions are also available. 

Dyking Stone

Angus sandstone is naturally flat bedded and ideal for dry stone dykes.

All dyking stone is handpicked to ensure the highest quality and that it is a manageable size for handling. Once picked, it is bagged to ensure that it is delivered to site as clean and dry as possible.

Coping Stones

Half-moon shaped dressed copes and flat copes with either a smooth or a riven finish are produced from our Angus sandstone. 


Denfind Stone is an approved Scottish supplier of SureCav cavity spacer system. SureCav is a polypropylene panel that sits in the cavity and allows a stone outer skin to be built without the need for an additional block leaf. 

It guarantees a clean 50mm, moisture free cavity that also arrests water penetration from wind driven rain in any exposed position and increases floor space by up to 5%, adding value to the project and reducing costs when compared to using concrete backing blocks. 

Kerakoll H40

Kerakoll H40 is the recommended mortar adhesive for use with our 40mm stone slips. It has been tested extensively both by Kerakoll and the University of Dundee with our stone and surpassed all trade standards for stone adhesives.